Libby Lost and Found

Meet Libby Weeks, author of the mega-bestselling fantasy series The Falling Children—written as “F.T. Goldhero” to maintain her privacy. With the final manuscript months overdue to her publisher and rabid fans around the world growing impatient, Libby is diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s. Already suffering from crippling anxiety, Libby’s symptoms quickly accelerate. After she forgets her dog at the park one day—then almost discloses her identity to the journalist who finds him—Libby has to admit it: she needs help finishing the last book.

Desperate, she turns to eleven-year-old superfan Peanut Bixton, who knows the books even better than Libby does. Finding the ending they need will take them down paths they never expected.

Libby Lost and Found is a book for people who don’t know who they are without the books they love. It’s about the stories we tell ourselves and the chapters of our lives we regret. Most importantly, it’s about the endings we write for ourselves.

Release Date: October 15, 2024 (Sourcebooks Landmark)

“Libby Lost and Found is a story upon a story upon a story, all delightful. Booth’s characters are funny, complicated, endearing, and relatable, but then they come together and make magic. This is a book for those of us lucky enough to have ever really, truly fallen in love with one.” —Laurie Frankel, New York Times bestselling author of This Is How It Always Is

“Step into the imagination of Stephanie Booth, who has crafted a suspenseful story-within-a-story about a best-selling author grappling with a devastating diagnosis and the curious 11-year-old superfan who helps her complete her final book. Booth’s skillful narrative hand gives us exhilarating prose, unexpected turns of events, and a cast of major and minor characters who gradually leave their interior worlds to come together and reveal themselves.” ― Esther Crain, author of The Gilded Age of New York

“Stephanie Booth is a major talent. Her debut is poignant, lyrical, and heartbreakingly funny.” ― Dan Zevin, Thurber Prize-winning author of The Day I Turned Uncool

“Libby Lost and Found is a hilarious and heart wrenching debut. Stephanie Booth delivers a charming story of friendship, fandom, and love through the most unreliable of narrators – the titular Libby and her devoted, hilarious disciple, Peanut.” ― Elissa Sussman, bestselling author of Funny You Should Ask

“An absolute delight!! Clever, engaging and heartfelt, Stephanie Booth has written a debut novel that packs a punch.” ― John Searles, New York Times bestselling author of Help for the Haunted and Her Last Affair